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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Harp

It started with a dream. She wanted to play the harp. Fast forward 5 years. We borrowed a harp and brought it home. A beautiful harpsicle was about to be our foster child. She was doing the happy dance when she hopped out of the car and headed into the house. She was not looking down and tripped. The harp went down. THUNGGGGGG. Before we even got into the house with it the harp was broken. I called its mom. SIGH! You won’t believe what happened. So we took a trip to the harp store in beautiful Rising Sun, Indiana. They fixed the harp. So now in exchange for continuing to borrow the harp I agreed to make a case for the instrument. I got a beautiful piece of foam from The Sunshine Foam Company. I bought some nice upholstery fabric and cut and glued and sewed the pieces together. In the end we have a harp case.

Now I am going to start working on a harp case for her. We are having a harp made for her and it should be ready in the next week or so. More pictures of the harp case can be seen here.

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