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Monday, March 19, 2007

Busy Days

Well Today should not be too crazy. Tomorow will be interesting. Last Tuesday and Wednesday were really a ride. Last Wednesday was Sp's birthday, he turned 8. Tuesday he came home from school and said: "I invited a bunch of people to my party"
me "um, dude, what party would that be?"
him "the one we are having here tomorow because it's my birthday"
me "I don't know anything about a party"
him "Oh, don't worry about it, mom" I took care of it"
me " so just who did you invite?"
him "cutie pie from school, the neighbor kid, my best bud and another kid from school"
me "are you going to have a cake or serve food?"

him "yea, I want you to make cinnamon rolls"
me "NO!" "you can have cinnamon rolls Saturday"
him, "
no thanks than, just a cake"
me "OK, you realize I'm having a dishwasher installed Wed. afternoon and you have cub scouts at 6:30."
him "don't worry about it mom"
me "if you also want cupcakes to take to school you better ask a sister to help you make them"

I was looking forward to J passing her driving test Tuesday and me not having to drive 80 miles on Wednesday. Not happening. Wednesday, My dear sweet Mom picks up J from school and takes all girls to art class at 2:30. Friend brings So home at 4:00. Dishwasher guy shows up at 3:30. Trouble from the start. He can't get the counter lifted up high enough to get the old dishwasher out. Finally gets the dishwasher out and gets the new one in but it won't close. Pulls it out and busts the countertop. We unscrew the counter top from the cabnets and leave it that way (it's still that way). Dishwasher is in but does not work. Party starts at 4:30. Dh brings J and Sa home from art and music at 6:00 we quickly eat, sing HBD, Open gifts and eat cake. Party ends at 6:30. Sp is 15 minutes late to cubs. This is a picture of my Cub Scout.

So what will tomorow bring. J retakes her driving test at 2:15 that means I don't have time to get Sp from School before the test. The dishwasher repair guy will be here in the morning. I said "I MUST LEAVE BY 1:00" The clothes washer repair guy will be here (that's a story for another day) the guy from the instalation company will be here to see the gouge in the counter and we will spend the morning working on the elephant project. These are paper mache elephants that are the size of real baby elephants. They were painted grey, but still need some details on them. Pictures will be forthcomming. This blog thing sure takes up a lot of time.


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