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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Day In My Life

This is us Dad, Mom, The Teen Sa, So, and The Boy. Sa is in the red dress, she is 12. So is 10 and The Boy is 8.
The teen was playing with the camera and took my pix.
And a bunch of pictues of her which I will post a link too.

This is a typical day in my life. I got inspired by Enidd's a day in my life and decided to post a day in my life. Today my teen did not have school. Her end of term performance is tomorow. I can't believe how much I have been able to get done in a morning with no driving.

A day in my life:

6:00am wake up
tell kids to get up
6:20 call kids again
6:30 call kids again
6:35 make breakfast
6:45 feed kids
6:55 find shoes, coats, book bags
7:05 first kid leaves with Dad
7:30 leave to take teen to school (35 miles)
8:30 get back home
9:00 begin with teaching home school
10:00 sound like broken record “sit back down and do your work”
11:00 lunch
12:00pm “I don’t care if you don’t like Latin its good for you”
1:00 leave to pick up teen
2:00 drop teen at home (35 miles)
2:05 go pick up son (10 miles)
2:30 get back home
3:30 peel my self off the chair and do house work
Dishes, laundry, sweeping up, bathrooms...

4:30 start dinner or at least start thinking about it
7:00 watch AB on Food Network
8:00 crash

In a perfect world that is the schedule. The teen will try a third time to pass her driving test on April 3rd.

Now add in Monday tutoring and flute lessons, Tuesday elephant project, Wednesday art, Music Theater, AHG and sometimes cub scouts, Thursday swim and gym, Friday harp lessons, the teen’s job and seeing friends. I think its time for a vacation.

BTW, yesterday the repair people thing went so smoothly. The guy that came to fix the washer was the same guy to fix the dishwasher (I bought it last week on the clearance rack for $300) . He got here at 8:45 and was gone by 9:10. The washer door took him 2 minutes to fix and he showed me how to do it if it ever happens again. He ordered some parts for the dishwasher.


Sister Sunshine said...

Thanks for inviting me to read. I've been wondering what you're up to!

I have had my blog here since December of 2001... it's the longest running one. I do have others though... as if life weren't already confusing enough.

Your family is beautiful!

enidd said...

enidd's glad you enjoyed the challenge! your life sounds super busy too, she feels quite lazy reading about everyone elses. why don't you try next week's too - tristan aka blackbeard has come up with a nice follow-on from enidd's.