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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Great Vacuum Rip-Off

This is the tiny plastic piece that cost me $50. It’s robbery! The vacuum was acting funny so I took it apart and found that this piece was broken. I got on the Kenmore website and tried to get this piece. I could not find it. I had to buy a whole new beater brush. The brush was $35 + $15 to ship it to me. They don’t carry these parts in the store or even in the parts store. I really feel ripped off. I went to the vacuum fix it shop near me. The guy was really nice. He could order the part for me and fix it for me. “Well-duh” if I could take it apart to get the part out I guess I could also order the part and fix it myself, than he tried to sell me a new $350 vacuum.

This is the belt to the vacuum. I put it in a safe place while I was waiting for the beater bar piece to get here and I lost it. I finally found it after 2 weeks. It was on the island in the family room. Geez, you’d think I could keep straight my safe places where I put things.

Anyway now the vacuum is fixed and the carpet was swept yesterday and needs it again today. I'm really having a problem with the size of these letters. Yea, after 4 tries all the words are the same size. Well, I thought they were.

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