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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

My Blog is 1 year old now. Thanks to all who visited me this past year.

Today is Easter. Please enjoy this picture of an Easter Lilly complements of the ASPCA who warns that this plant can be lethal to cats. Since I don't have a cat I don't think I'll worry too much about it. I'm really looking forward to this very fun and very busy week that the kiddos have off school. This is my last years Easter post.

This Easter season has been a very special one to me. If you've read my whole blog you know that last year I was saying "I'm not Catholic and WON'T be, because I am a protestant." Actually I said I was a pedestrian who carried the love of Jesus everywhere I walked (I still am). I said a lot of other things too, but we won't go there now. Last August my sweet DH and I started taking an R.C.I.A. program. We both really enjoyed it very much and found little we did not agree with. I don't feel the need to ask the Saints that have gone before me to pray for me, because I can ask people here now to do it. When I first started thinking about this it was awkward. Than I realized that if I believe that people are alive in heaven than why can't I ask them to pray for me. I still don't really feel comfortable asking Mary to pray for me either, but that doesn't affect my faith in her son. In December we were asked if we wanted to continue toward being Catholic and we both said yes. We could see what God was doing in the church and felt very comfortable there. I am so happy with the education that my children are receiving and the friends they are making. The class culminated last night in an Easter Vigil. It was a very beautiful service where we were welcomed into the church. I know that many of my protestant friends don't understand or agree with what we are doing. I can honestly say that I am not being coerced into anything and I am NOT joining the church to 'get the school discount.' Since I have been following God down this unexpected path he has poured out on us in a mighty way. I am very much enjoying the beauty that I find in the mass and I leave there going in peace to love and serve the Lord. I really have much to say about what God is doing for me through this, but I have other things I want to go do now.

Happy Easter!


Ambulance Driver said...

Happy Blogiversary!

MarlaQuack said...

Thanks AD! You Rock!

Anonymous said...

I am home and Happy Blog aniversary Lots going on here still!! But I am home and I am so Happy for dear that you found in the church what makes you happy, and that is what counts Taffany

Anonymous said...

I will never understand....but I know a God who is faithful and a God who delivers when we follow, and I recognize HIS work in your and Jim's lives as a husband and wife. May God continue to bless you guys! Happy Easter - how 'bout lunch?Traci

EE said...

Happy Belated Blogiversary!