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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just Rambling

Twenty something years ago I went to college. I studied culinary arts. I was within an inch of graduating when I quit (ok, it was really 2 inches). I had taken almost all the core classes and lots of the other classes. I have the transcripts to reflect on. It was a hard time in my life. I had just spent a summer working in a Major Summer Resort Hotel Kitchen. I realized that I did not want to spend the rest of my life doing this kind of work with these kinds of people. If you work in the food service and read my blog I am probably not talking about people like you. I’m talking about the folks who swore worse than sailors. The ones that partied EVERY night and talked and talked about it. They were obnoxious and chain smokers who took constant breaks... I was too immature to realize that people were the same everywhere you go. I thought it was just like that in the restaurant world. So I quit college. Neither did I realize at the time that any piece of paper from a school of higher learning is a valuable thing to have and will make it easier for you to get more pieces of paper from schools of higher learning. There is no way to finish what I started; now it's the Midwest Culinary Institute and they don't even offer the same courses. Plus I’d have to take accounting 2 and even though I took #1 twice I never understood it.

I’d really like to go back to college. I waver between wanting to do nursing and acupuncture. Our area is pretty saturated with nurses. Maybe the hospitals don’t show it but I know LOTS of nurses. Our area is very underserved with acupuncture. The classes I’d have to take before entering either program are the same. Algebra (I don’t understand this. I mean this is something that neither job will require to perform and it may be the one thing that keeps me out) English (sigh! at least now there is Microsoft word) A & P, biology, chemistry, and I don’t remember what else. The educations will cost about the same. There is only one acupuncture school within 100 miles, it is not accredited. They have only graduated 2 classes so far. I could supplement with classes from Chicago (I love Chicago). I could help so many people. Acupuncture helped me so much. But, if I did the nursing thing I could do those cool medical missions trips my friends keep going on. The acupuncture program is full time for 3 years. They don’t have a part time tract. I think it is unrealistic to think I could study 70 something hours each week for 3 years. They say you need to study 3 hours for each class hour. That is for people who don’t have ADHD.

What I need right now is a job so I can pay for my beautiful kids to go to this nifty private school.

This is very aggravating to me. There are no good options for affordable Christian education in my area. There are lots of options for parochial school. Since I am not Catholic I am not eligible for any discounts. No multi sibling, no church member, and no the fundraising was so successful that everyone gets $200 off, NOTHING. I am not anti Catholic folks. I just don’t believe its right for me to stand up in front of the church and say “I agree with you and I want to be a member”, when in fact I don’t agree with them. Granted the differences are small, but they are big enough for me to not be willing to lie about it. So, Marla, what do you believe that is so different?

I am a Pedestrian. I carry the Love and Good News of Jesus where ever I walk.

I believe the Bible is the final authority. Period. There are not times when we listen more to traditions than to the Word of God. The Bible does show us that sometimes it's OK to lie, however, lying to get the discount in this situation is unacceptable in my opinion.

I believe where it says “confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead and you will be saved, it means what it says. I confess Jesus is Lord, therefore I am saved.

You can’t out give God.

When Jesus said “when you pray say “Our Father” “he did not say “Our Mother” So we should pray to The Father. Well there’s more but I’m done rambling.


Ms-Ellisa said...

I really like your blog. You have wonderful pictures of your family :-)
If you want to go to college, then you should.
Don't be afraid of failing. Not trying is just the same as failing- that's what my mom says and think it's right...! You should at least try - if you fail, so what?! :-)

gypsygrrl said...

here is my unsolicited opinion ;)

go for nursing!!!
there hasnt been a *surplus* of nurses in over 10 years...(a coworker who has been a nurse for 14-15yrs said when she was in school, 18-19yrs ago, there wasnt such the shortage as there is now) as a nurse, you will NEVER be without a job.

oh. and you WILL use that math. you need it as a basis for your drug calculations... albeit, what you need for the dosage calculations is just basic stuff - but you DO need to understand it. make sure you get a GREAT math teacher, and start with a tutor from the school IMMEDIATELY - meet once/wk to review. dont wait til you feel overwhelmed with weeks and weeks of information and do poor on a test to get a tutor. most community colleges offer this free to students!!!

there is TONS of financial aid out there for people going to be nurses!!!

go for it! :) you can totally do it!

MarlaQuack said...

Thanks for the encouragement!