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Thursday, May 17, 2007

What a Wednesday!

Themorning was kind of slow. Math, Latin, English... We left about
1:15 to pick up The Teen. I HATE being late. We were running late. Than we had to stop for gas, sigh and we were later. We picked up The Teen and I dropped everyone off at art class, 2:30. I than picked up The Boy, 2:50, stopped for a drink and went back for So, 3:30. Today Sa had her show for the parents at Musical Theater and So had the Court of Awards at AHG. It was 3:30 and because I did not want to drive all the way home and come back in an hour I took The Boy and So to the park. They had a great time and asked many times to be brought back to this playground. We were early to Sa’s show, 4:30. Last time I was on time and had to sit in the corner because so many parents came to watch. I picked a spot to sit near the door and parents started lining up right in front of the door. When it was about 5 minutes to 5:00 I rudely went and stood in the front of the line. I smiled and said “I was here first” So I got the seat I wanted. My pictures still came out crappy. The lighting was bad. We ate dinner at Burger King. So had to be at her AHG program at 6:30. The Teen ditched us and went to youth group. So’s program was nice. She joined AHG in December so she did not get all the badges, but she got 2 and those she worked hard for. I did not realize they get stars for community service. I need to talk to the leader about her stars. It was a really good experience. Sa wants to also join next year. So's program ran until after 8:30. They were annoyed with me because I said we were NOT staying for the reception.
It was past my
bedtime and I was getting cranky. And you get the obligatory macro shot.
Blogger is so aggravating. I have given an hour of my life to trying to neatly arrange these pictures. This is how they are going to stay.