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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Busy, Busier, Busiest

Yes, well, I know I’ve not written much lately. I’ve been busy. More busy than I was last summer when I had the kids here all the time. I’m still looking for a job. I want something close by 2 mornings per week. Since The Teen takes my car to school I am driving the Green Bean so I won’t go far. What am I doing that is keeping me so busy? Besides cooking, cleaning, sewing, soap making, laundry, and other assorted stuff. I’m being very challenged by kid homework. I pick them up at 2:40 and on days when there’s no lesson, chorus, or other activates there’s hours of homework.

DH and I are taking the learn about being Catholic class each week. I am really enjoying it. I had no idea that the Catholic’s and Protestants shared so many similar beliefs. The people in the class are really nice.

I have a new friend Renee, today’s her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENEE! She is having a birthday bash on Saturday that I am looking forward too.

The Teen went to youth group last night and sang loudly for a long time. She is glad to have a voice today. She said she saw my friend who reads my blog there. Hi Friend!

My skirt is almost finished. It really came out nice. Not quite as random as I wanted it too but I guess random means it comes out however it does. I’ll post pix of it soon. It really challenged my sewing skills.

AAAAKK! While I am not apposed to Amazon doing advertising on my site I did not link that kid homework book. I have linked other stuff and now I know what they mean by that email that said they just made it easier for me. UG!

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