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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Green Bean Blessing

Saturday afternoon the kiddos were bored and since I wanted the TV off I needed to find them something to do. I called a friend and they were home so we got ready to visit. I walked outside and realized that The Teen had my car. DH was off somewhere and I could not find my key to the van. The Green Bean has had a dead battery for months. I have not felt like dealing with it so I left it. I actually had been planning on selling it but never got around to running the ad because of the dead battery. I asked a friend to give me a jump and off we went. When we left my friends home we had to jump the car again. On the way home I stopped at Advance Auto and bought a battery for $80 which included installation. I was pretty happy that I did not have to do it myself. I could have but, I did not want too. When the guy pulled out the battery there was a sticker on it that said 5-05. Since I know that most batteries come with a 3 year warranty I was surprised to see this. The guys at Advance told me that this battery came from Auto Zone and I should take it back there because they will give me a refund. I listened to them and took the battery to Auto Zone. They gave me $54 back for my dead battery. I was very happy.


Ms-Ellisa said...

They actually gave you a refund??? I cannot even IMAGING getting a refund around here. For anything, fot that matter... Which is quite unfair ifyou think of it.

Ms-Ellisa said...

that's "imagine" sorry :-)

MarlaQuack said...

These two stores are almost next door to each other. We used to shop at the Auto Zone store all the time, but since the Advance store opened about 2 years ago I only go there.

Yes, he gave me a refund. He did say that usually they only give a new battery, but since I had just bought one what was I going to do with another?