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Saturday, September 1, 2007


Last night I made manicotti for dinner. It came out FANTASTIC. In my rush I did not even think to take a picture. You can find the recipe I used here. This recipe is defiantly a keeper. Over all it was easy and since I have basil and parsley growing in my yard I was able to use the fresh herbs the recipe called for. I underestimated the amount of time and labor required to do this job so dinner was over an hour later than I had planned but in the end everyone was happy. I decided to use home made noodles for this while I could have been happily wrapping filled rolls I was rolling out pasta dough like a mad woman.


Ms-Ellisa said...

Hi Marla...! I just came back and I've noticed the "WAHM"... What does the W stand for?
Hope you'remdoing okay :-)

Monica said...

yum, Thanks Marla. I'm going to try these tomorrow! Jim can't have processed spagetti sauce, so hopefully this will work for him!

MarlaQuack said...

I was licking the spoon. I thought the sauce was great and it will be served a lot around her from now on.

I am now a work at home mom. I started a sewing business