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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Can I Save?

“Can I save?” Is probably my least favorite question in the entire English language. Every time I tell a kid to put away the game boy, get off the PS2, game cube or computer I get the same question. Now you would think that is an innocent question, but the sneaky truth is that is a very complicated question to answer. Since I can’t seem to keep track of who plays what game I never know if saving the game is going to take 30 more minutes of playing. I understand that when you have just beaten a boss or a level you don’t want to have to repeat your work just because your mean mom tells you to “TURN IT OFF”, but when I the mom tell you to turn it off I feel frustrated by the fact that you ALWAYS ASK THAT QUESTION. Tonight I sent a kid to bed early, because they were very tired. I checked on them and found them reading a book. Than 2 hours after lights out I walked past their room and heard their voice. I did not know they had a game boy with them. When I went to confiscate the game boy I was asked the question. “NO!” Why do I feel like the bad guy when I say “no?” On second thought, don’t answer that.

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