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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today I made soap. The recipes I used are here. First I made the coffee soap, than I made the fishermans soap. I used orange blossom EO in the fishermans soap. The soap is forming log shapes in 3" PVC tubes. The tubes are 2' high. Yesterday I went to Lowe's to buy some tubes and they wanted $7something for 1, 2' tube. They also wanted $7something for 1, 4' tube. I kept looking and around the corner they had 10' tubes for $8something. Guess which one I bought? I took my tube home and cut it into 3 pieces. The soap only went up about 8" in the tubes so the towel covering is well above the heat line. I was able to find test caps which covered the holes and allowed the tubes to stand flat. I duct taped the bottoms. Both recipes were made in the blender and I meant to take pictures of the process but, well, it just did not happen. Happily my good friend MSV called me just as I was measuring out the oils for the first batch and she wanted to come over and use the serger. She was able to come right away and so was with me as I poured my lye into liquid for the first time than mixed it into oil.

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