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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Getting Ready for Soap

I have been so busy. I’m bouncing for a quick post. I am very excited because I am about to make my first batch of blender soap. I bought PVC pipe to use as a mold. I went to Lowe’s and they wanted almost the same price for a 2’ piece of PVC as for a 10’ piece. Guess which one I bought. It was really easy to cut and now I have 2, 2’ pieces and an 8’ piece. I was going to cut the top off to make an opened toped tube when laid on its side but first I’m going to try it round. The only thing I need now is distilled water. Our water here is VERY HARD. I stopped at the library today for some books on soap making that I am looking forward to reading. Also I will post the links to the really cool soap stuff I’ve found. Today I plan to make coffee soap.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mar

Simply Jenn said...

Very cool! I'm impressed with your range of talents!