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Friday, September 28, 2007

So Much So Little

So much blogging material so little time. This is my first batch of soap. I used coffee instead of water. The recipe said to use strong coffee. I thought I did. If I try it again it will be with something like double espresso. I don't even smell a hint of coffee in this soap. The second batch which you see below in the blender mess is still in the tube. I waited until my boy got home from school to help with it because he made it sound like he was missing so much and wanted to be a part of it. Than things were so busy after school and he said why did you wait for me I did not care so I never got around to the soap. I'll take it out of the tube after they leave for school. I am looking for a source for cheap coconut oil to use in my soap. Once I find it I think I will move on to bigger batches in a pot. I could triple this recipe and still have it fit in the tube. I like the round shapes. In the end I made half rounds out of the thicker pieces. This seemed to work out great.

My first 2 ebay auctions are over and I am working putting up more. Being spelling and grammar challenged plus not a fast typer slowing things down. The Teen has produced 2 pieces of origional art that I will be selling this week. That plus stuff I'm finding around our house.

Last night I made almost Salisbury steak for dinner. It came out great and everyone loved it. I actually did not follow the directions very well at all. I was helping someone with homework and doing 3 other things and I ended up leaving out the onions and garlic. So we called it Sals steak. They all said make it again. Since my grill has been out of gas for months I probably will make it again.

The cut finger has healed beautifully.

Do you want to buy some Thanksgiving pies? How about a Honey Baked Ham or popcorn? May be you would like to sponsor 3 kids in a walk a thon? We have 3 fund raisers going on here now. The Cub Scouts are selling popcorn the American Heritage girls are selling Pies, Coffees, and gift cards and Next Friday is the school walk a thon.


mom said...

A long time ago I took a class on soap making and bought everything I needed to make it at home, life happened, and I never got around to it. The friend that took the class with me has gotten quite established locally for her soaps and does all kinds of types, moldings, scents,etc.

I think it's cool that you went ahead and tried...even coffee soap! Cool! Keep experimenting!

Tammy ~@~

MSV said...

Did you try the Indian aisle at Jungle Jim's for coconut oil?

MarlaQuack said...

I found a source on line where I could order a 50 pound bucket for $60 including shipping. I was just about set to order it when I was told to look at Walmart. Next I'm going to make hot process soap which cures in hours not weeks.