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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Green Bean Bullets

My boy is very curious and asks lots of questions about his life and how things were when he was little. This morning after I woke him up again he was talking about when he was a baby. He as about 1 when this story took place. No I'm not going to tell you about when I ran bath water for his sister and he went running thinking it was his turn. As I was telling him this story this morning he said "You just have to post this on your blog it is SO funny!" Yes, dear. Here is your story.

A stomach bug was going though the house. All his sisters had had it and he seemed to be feeling fine. I fed him some dinner and put him to bed. After he was asleep I heard a funny noise coming from his room and went to investigate. He had eaten green beans with dinner in pieces that were about 1cm. Green beans were popping out of his mouth. It was so funny. He never woke up, just laid there spewing green bean bullets.

1 comment:

MSV said...

Would've made a great you-tube video. Where was your camera?