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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh, No, Mr. Bill

Oh, wait wrong show.

Welcome to Marla's Urgent Care. Where you find fast friendly service dished out with only mild sarcasm and a lovely topping of
guilt. Someone here was very happy that I'd bought a melon today.

They took my biggest knife in their little hand and attempted to cut it up.They were doing a really good job when all of the sudden I heard clunk, thump, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH".

I dropped what I was doing and headed quickly to the kitchen. The very smart youngling had been taught some basic first aid so they were already at the sink running water over their hand, still

Upon investigation the cut was deep and on the side of the knuckle. Knuckles are really a bad spot for a deep cut. We held it with compression for a while and it was still bleeding. I was thinking it was going to need some help. Every time she moved her finger it opened back up. I taped a napkin around it tightly and we headed out to the urgent care place. There was a LONG wait. Of course this happened at
4:55 and the family doctors office closes at 5:00. By the time I got past their stupid answering service they were closed.

When we went up to the desk I asked if they had glue for a cut. I was told no they used steri strips. "OOO YEA" Happy Dance here! I had forgotten about steri strips. So we left the urgent care and the at least 2 hour wait to head to Walgreen's and buy steri strips. We also got a finger splint to keep her from moving it. I did mention that if it was still bleeding later I'd have to reconsider my treatment. Five hours later it looks fine. I did not peel off the Band-Aid but I did not see any blood on it. This is where I learned my technique. Thanks Scalpel!


Ms-Ellisa said...

Poor finger... You did all the right stuff though!!! But I guess all that's just everyday stuff for a mom of four :-)

jjkadaba said...

I think I should keep some of these steri strips around!

scalpel said...

Steri strips rock, and you probably saved hundreds of dollars and a few hours of your time. It's important to never encircle a finger completely, or else the strip can act as a tourniquet. Way to take initiative!

MarlaQuack said...

Hey Thanks for stopping by!

Sister Sunshine said...

Yikes! Never had THAT particular injury, but others that make one cringe and set your teeth on edge...

Sent you an email today about what I've been up to. Shoot me one back, okay girlie?