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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I Love My Teen!

This is an assignment my Teen did for English 12

Create Your Own Advertisement

30 points

Name: TheTeen

About the assignment:

In the first lessons of this topic you learned about mass communication and its types and tools. The best way to understand how these elements work together to form mass communication is to use those elements to create your own advertisement!


Using the space below construct your own advertisement for a product of your choice.

Product Name

Hu- Pellant, Knight-Off

Product Image

(can be clip art or other image)

(fine print reads: warning keep out of the reach of younglings and any human pets, slaves or other)

Target Audience

Ogres and Dragons and the like.

Product Slogan

If this doesn’t do the trick, at least you’ll never have to buy fresh meat!

If it worked on the swamp slugs, It’ll work on the humans!

Product Slogan #2 (optional)

You have a pesky humanoid problem? We’ve got the answer for all your spray away needs.

From Spray-Away™, a better mythical society for all. (Humans not included, for further details please read fine print.)

Product Ad Target (newspaper, radio, TV, Internet)

On TV, it would be a commercial demonstration of how the products work, in the Newspaper it would be an article with the products on the page like the icon above, and through the internet, it would be a popup add.

Identify types of propaganda tools used

(name-calling, glittering generalities, transfer, testimonial, bandwagon, plain folks, fear, card stacking) Name-calling, bandwagon,

Explain how propaganda tool(s) are used

In Name-calling humans and the like are referred to as stupid, good-for-nothing and so on, they are not looked kindly upon, in fact that’s the purpose for the substance.

Through bandwagon, it is said that many people have used the product and loved it and you can even read their stories on the web-sight (notlisted)


Sick and tired of those stupid, good-for-nothing, pesky humans always bumbling about, or trying to scare you away with their little pitchforks and match stick sized torches? Well we’ve got the solution: Hu-Pellant, the new and improved spray on substance that keeps humanoids out and you happy! All you have to do is apply generously to the surrounding area (you may need to purchase several cans), vacate the premises for a day or two (you deserve the vacation) and all your obnoxious humanoid problems will be solved. After you use our product, and we guarantee it or your money will be refunded, you’ll have no more ridiculous humanoid issues to worry about for up to five years! We know you’ll love our products because we love them too, and before he was a human supporter the famous actor/ hero Shrek can vouch for us that we sell only the absolute best to our caring customers! Hundreds of ogres and mythical creatures around the world have tried it and loved it, you can now read their stories online and compare situations.

And now, you can purchase the all new ‘Knight-OFF!”

Are you a dragon? Are you sick of those stubborn, time-wasting, pain in the stomach knights always coming along and trying to steal your princess or slay you for honor so they can return to their puny village as a hero? Well this is the thing for you! It works exactly like Hu-Pellant, our top selling product for ogres and mythical creatures that like their privacy and hate humans!

Teacher Feedback: Teen, This stands out as the most creative response to this assignment I've ever received! I don't know any dragons, but I will let my Ogre friends know about this product. :-) Excellent job!


Ambulance Driver said...

Heh, Creative girl you have there, Marla!

Tell her Ambulance Driver sez she rocks. ;)

Ms-Ellisa said...

Wow- Congrats!

Monica said...

ROFLOL!!! Way to go Teen!!!!

MSV said...

British literature would be much different if "knight-off" had been available before this current century. Hmmm.. how about a fractured fairy tale for the next creative assignment.
Great job, teen!