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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Human Pool

I saw something last night that I have never seen before. My husband and my son played human pool. An outline was set in a large area. Six people were the pockets. They were identified by keeping their hand raised. Some people were squished in to a triangle shaped area, half of them had stickers on their body. A person with a red bandanna was the cue ball. My boy gave cue ball a push into the triangle group. The group dispersed around the area. Than my husband and son took turns pushing cue ball around the table area. Thus causing cue ball to bounce other people into pocket people until the boy finally won. It was really something to watch. I was sadly thinking I did not have my camera with me, than about 1/2 way though the game I remembered that I had a camera phone. I have to figure out how to send the pictures to my computer.

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