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Sunday, July 8, 2007


Now you see me. I was gone but now I'm back. Where was I and why did you not know I was gone? Well, for security reasons of course. That and I had big plans to post here every day I was gone. Life kind of happened while I was gone and I only found time and energy to post once. We went to the Origins gaming convention. I met some amazing people. I took some fun pictures. Sadly I got very few pictures of my children in their costumes. What was that Peter Frampton song? "It must have been a dream. I can't believe where I've been. Come on lets do it again." That pretty much covers this past week. WOW! Over 10,000 gamers were in 1 place. Two of the people I met I expect to remain friends with. Hopefully I will be able to get together with them again. When I get the camera card holder plugged back into this computer I’ll post some pictures. The human pool game was from a silly game called Morton’s list. If you really want to know about it you’ll have to look it up your self. I would not consider it a family friendly book/game. That said it was pretty funny to watch some of the stuff they did, my weird sense of humor and all. Tomorrow it’s back to my real life.

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