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Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Have I mentioned before that I really don't like Walmart? I don't care for the store or the philosophy behind the store. I don't like how they have gone into small communities and destroyed the family run retailers. I don't like the fact that they were actively recruiting customers who choose an alternative lifestyle that I consider not family friendly.

Anyway, I don't really care for Walmart. That said, the other night I found my self at the new Walmart store. This store is close enough to my house that I can walk. When given the choice I will usually drive 1.5 miles to Target.

I was working on Sung Mina and I needed a separating zipper. I was tired so I asked the teen to take me to the fabric store. She did and than mentioned that she really wanted a cape. I was very thankful to find a pattern that is just PERFECT on sale for $1.00. The fabric store did not however have any fabric suitable for the cape. I also needed a few other things to we went to that store the one I really don't like. There I found a watermelon for cheap. I found all the snacky stuff the kids like for cheaper than Costco that I have been driving across town to get to. I found that that they had a Cingluar place and sold the phone that I wanted. I meant that I could have walked to a store that had the phone I wanted in stock. Two weeks ago I made 2 trips to the Uhaul store to buy some packing materials. That store had them for cheaper.


I may find that it is a necessary evil to shop there more often.


MonkeyGirl said...

Walmart is the devil.

I go there at least twice a week. I spend at least $100-$150.

Walmart is the devil.

Anonymous said...

I don't like WalMart either....and I understand that it would be hard to save grocery and gas money when th store is SO CLOSE.

Thankfully, I have to drive pass Sam's, 6 Kroger, Target and some other stores before I get to a WalMart...makes it easier to NOT go. :)

Marye said...

HAH! Marla you are bad.
I don't shop there and it is 2 miles from my house..I go to Target which is much more socially responsible... ;)ABD 15 miles from my house... :/
I am chcking up on you..computers are still down...
Hey..I have a new homeschooling blog... :) Check it out.
Hopefully my computer issues will be resolved soon and I can harass you full time again.

Symbiosis said...

Walmart...only 2 words...necessary evil!