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Friday, June 29, 2007

A Borrowed Cell Phone

So after I talked to yet another person I was told to go to the store where I originally purchased the phone and ask for a loaner phone. I called them. They told me they only lend phones to customers who have a service contract. When I hung up the phone I was totally in tears. I went into my room and shut the door and bawled. Than I prayed, OK, God what do I do now? I remembered that I am on a list of freecycle people. I don’t get the digests I usually just go read the site. I haven’t read it since starting my blog. Anyway I went there and posted “Does anyone have a cell phone I can use for 2 weeks?” With in 5 minutes some one emailed me and said I collect phones for the women’s shelter you are welcome to use one for a few weeks. I loaded up the kids and we went to his store. He was so kind to me. I could not use the phones he had there ready to go to the shelter so he tried my sim card in his personal phone saying I could use it for a few weeks. Sadly it did not work. Again I called ATT and asked for help. Finally I got someone at ATT who said “OH, NO how distressing let me see if I can help you. She called the store nearest to where I was and asked if they had a loaner phone, no. She than called 6 more stores for me. The 6th store had a person who said he personally had a phone at home that he was willing to loan out. It would require a $40 deposit returnable when the phone was returned. I wrote down her name and told her what valuable help she had given me. Today I went to his store and borrowed a cell phone. Both he and his store manager were very kind to me. The very funny thing is this is the exact model that I had purchased on Tuesday that I did not like. Apparently he did not like it either.

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