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Friday, June 29, 2007


Now this is just unbelievable. After all I’ve been through with the cell phone saga this week...

Tonight I called to order my new phone. The one I want that was on back order. I could not order it before I had a cell phone in hand to use because I would be very pressed if I was with out a phone for 2 weeks. If I could not get a loaner phone I was going to have to purchase a new phone knowing I was going to return it in 2 weeks. Even though I felt that was deceitful I would have done it if I was out of options. So today I borrowed a cell phone from a very nice young man. I came home and called ATT to order my new phone. A very nice young woman helped me and said it is on back order so I can’t sell it to you. I say I have seen it available to order over the internet. She says than order it there, but alas I can’t because I can’t access that account over the computer. She sent me a new password and I got into the account. Now from my account the price of the phone is $200. WHAT? So she calls the online store and explains my situation. Again, I was helped by an extremely nice guy. He adjusted my account so it showed the returned phone and said that he could in fact sell me the phone for $75 plus a $75 rebate. Than he said there would be an $18 activation fee. WHAT? I did not have to pay that at the store originally, so he took it off the bill. I said excuse me but are you saying that you have these phones in stock? Not at his warehouse but they have several warehouses and another one has it in stock. So all of this craziness was caused by someone whose name I don’t remember who did not take the time to check another warehouse. Sadly I don’t know who that was. I write down the names of the people to whom I’m speaking and it could have been Jeremy, Corey, William, Shawn, Brandon, Tonjay, Seneca or Warren. Those names were on just one piece of paper and none of them were too helpful. I made sure to get first and last names of the people who were extremely helpful. I will send a letter of commendation to ATT when I tell them my experience. So, now my new phone is on its way. It is coming Fed Ex and should be here in 3 days.


The Teen (texts) said...

No worries mom, I'm here for you, dont let them feed you that bs. Dont let it stress you out. Your strong, you've got it all going on girl. The looks, the attitude ^_^ Much love pumpkin.
~The teen

MarlaQuack said...

The Teen got unlimited texting yesterday. It looks like she's enjoying it.