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Thursday, June 28, 2007


The new phone I got yesterday cost me $60 and a 2 year contract. I did not like the phone. I looked online and found one I really like just like my last one it would be free after a rebate. I talked to 3 people who told me how to take my phone back to the store have them undo the contract and than call and purchase the phone I want. I went back to the store returned the phone. The store manager said it will take 3 weeks to process this order. NO IT WONT! I told him I talked to customer service that morning and they told me to call them as soon as I got home and order my phone they made sure it was in stock. I call customer service from the store, they tell the manager how to unhook my account from the upgrade. I get home and try to order the phone I want. They are all on back order. This is a problem because when I bought the new phone yesterday I had to trade in my old phone. Now I have no phone. I have talked to 15 people. I can go to a third party to order the phone but I'd have to sign a contract that would cost me $20 more per month. I don’t need 900 hours a month. I really don’t know what to do. I am beyond frustrated.


MSV said...

Wish I had some great advice, but you know how I am with technology...

the Teen said...

My dear, good advice = Pick up a stick and beat them with it untill they submit to your will... (or untill you get arested and sent to jail ^_^)