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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Today I feel amazingly better.
I’ve been up and cleaning my house and working on the Princess peach dress, which has been sadly neglected for 2 months now. The gaming convention is quickly approaching so I need to get it done. I need a yellow umbrella with ruffles to complete this outfit and I am having a hard time finding one. I found a white one that I could potentially spray paint but when I clicked on the link it was dead.
Sigh! Ideas welcome.

The 3 littles (Sa, So and The Boy)
are having a Roman style feast
on the living room floor.
It was a project the girls had been putting off until The Boy could be with them. He was not quite as interested in the whole lay on the floor and eat thing. Last night they had brought up the Lego’s and so they had to scoot things around to make room for the towels to lie on.
By the time I remembered to take pictures the feast was about done. The Boy is going through this thing where he thinks it’s cool to not wear a shirt.

The Teen was crying because tomorrow is the last day of school and she will really miss it. I thought it was very sweet. She has NEVER liked school.

The Teen just called me and said the senior prank was that they saran wrapped all the teachers cars. I think thats pretty creative.

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