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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Last Sunday in SS class the book Dog and Cat Theology
was discussed by member of the class. I’ve been thinking of the book this week and I’ve been bothered by something that was said. The idea that worshipping God should be about God not about us/me. Therefore I should not be using the words I/me/we/my when worshiping God. I‘m having a hard time with the concept, I am hearing that I should not say “I worship you God.” Well, I am in fact worshiping God so do I always need for it to be “worshipping you God” or "Praise you Lord?” Does it really take the focus off God and put it on me if I include an “I am making a choice to think that you are better than me?" Is that putting the emphasis on me? This has been bothering me this week. I loved the book Jake’s Story. You can read the whole book online here. It is about ditching church formality and meeting together in homes; well it’s really about more than that.

See that little box next to the title Dog and Cat? That is a link to where you can buy the book so you can read it for yourself. I don't intend to read it but I'd be happy to discuss the concepts with you (ignorantly of course).


MSV said...

hmmm... I just happen to have read this book recently, at the request of a friend. What you got out of it is not what I got out of it. I've actually heard Robison present this idea personally (he's a genius with Powerpoint). I think his real focus is that, basically, WE are part of God's creation, God's plan, God's story, so it's sort of lopsided to think of Him as a "part of our life", rather than vice-versa. I don't recall anything about not saying "I worship you", but rather on loving and getting to know God for Who He is, not just what He can do for us.
Practically speaking, this idea has reminded me to pray about the things that are (as defined in Scripture) important to Him, such as people hearing the Gospel, people being healed, the orphans and widows being cared for, the poor receiving justice, etc.
Did your SS friend read it all? The beginning moves sort of slowly, then the second half has better explanations, I think.
Talk to you soon,

MarlaQuack said...

Yes, they read it all and we chatted too long so we did not have long to discuss the topic. Much more was said and they did say something similar to what you said. I did not remember that part, I only remembered the part that was bugging me.


SeaSpray said...

hi Marla quack - if the author said it the way you perceived it then I would have to totally disagree because using I in a sentence reaffirms that YOU are worshiping God, etc. Jesus was the example for how we should behave and when talking to his Father, he used the word I as did Paul and others.