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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Last night was fun. We went to Taste of Cincinnati. Because of my sweet DH's job we are volunteered to count the money from the drink sales. WOW! They sell a *LOT* of drinks. The whole family went. I had to walk 3 blocks. My back feels great, but now my hips are hurting. Remember about 18 months ago when I had bursitis really bad in my left hip? Guess what this feels like? If I can get over this with out a cortisone shot I will be a happy camper. Back to the taste, it was so busy they were running out of food. The kids brought me food. I did not feel up to walking around the event. Because of some road construction the event was moved to a new location this year. The organizers felt that really added to the success of the event. It was fun.

This morning I went to The Chiro Guy, but I forgot that today’s appointment was for 4:00pm and Thursdays is for 9:00am. I came home after about 20 minutes of waiting out in front of his office. Actually it was kind of fun because another patient had shown up at the same time. I had met her last week so we just continued our conversation. She home schools her grandson.

I wish I had taken my camera to the Taste last night. I passed some people that I would have loved to take a candid shot of. They looked hilarious.


The Chiro Guy fixed me up! He did an amazing job! He poked and pushed and pulled and ran his giant vibrator over my back and I feel amazingly better. Thanks Chiro Guy!

On the way home The Boy wanted to stop for some coneys. Oh you don’t know what a coney is. Hee hee it’s not what you are thinking it is...

So we stopped at Aldi and I found some really yummy looking raspberry salad dressing with no sugar in it.

Tonight I made Egg McMuffins for dinner. English muffins have sugar in them so I only ate half a muffin. Sometimes it just can't be avoided. I did not want my ham and egg on a Trisket. Maybe tomorrow I'll get back to baking bread. DH bought Butternut bread to take fishing.

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