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Monday, May 28, 2007

Post 100

This is my 100th post. Also I noticed today that I've had a total of 1,500 visitors. This is way cool to me. If you notice in the title of the blog it says ADHD, which means impulsive. I started this blog on a total impulse. I really liked Ree’s site and a few others I’ve seen, I was board so I thought I’d start a blog. I did a beautiful job of justifying it. Now if you don’t know what’s going on in my life it’s your fault. You could read the blog. (OK, I admit I’ve joined bloggers anonymous.) I was surprised and a little saddened when a family member told me they did not read my drivel. Oh, well, I’ll keep driveling and perhaps someday they will want to read what I have written. Another thing that surprised me is how much my kids enjoy reading about themselves, even leaving me comments. Through this nonsense I’ve made some amazing new friends, wasted spent untold hours, learned new stuff, been challenged in my faith and my responses to different situations, laughed my self off my chair, cried and headed down a road of finding out more about me. If you’re reading this I’d love for you to leave a comment. Just say “hi” or something, anything. If you are having trouble understanding what I have written you may try clicking here (*NOT KID FRIENDLY*). This blog would not be possible with out the help of a spelling grammar checker, my amazing husband, wonderful family and God. Thanks to those who made this possible.


marye audet said...

Hi...or something...anything.

marye said...

ack! I MEANT :::Grin:::NOT gin..altho....hmm....nah.

MarlaQuack said...

Thanks Marye :D
I know how much you like that bottle :D

Hee hee

gypsygrrl said...


happy 100th post - here is to hundreds more!!!

LOVE that translation thingy! that is hysterical!


MSV said...

Hi, Marla. I do have fun reading your blog, because you write how you talk, and that makes me smile! I find it amazing that you can take ordinary life and make it sound interesting. I talked, for the first time in about two years, to a very dear friend, and found it hard to tell what was different or interesting in my life! Maybe blog reading will help me see my life differently, too.
Hi! to the kiddos and hubby.

Monica said...

Hi Marla!!

MarlaQuack said...

Waving wildly \/\/\/
Hi Monica!!!

Ms-Ellisa said...

Hi Marla!!! I really like your blog...! Keep writing... :-)