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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Day 8, OK, yesterday I slipped a little, not intentionally, but it happened. I still consider this day 8 because I did not eat any JUNK food. My mom took me to PF Chang’s restaurant for lunch. I ate lemon chicken. It was sweet. Now I’m not a rocket scientist but it seems to me in order to make it sweet they must have used sugar. On my way home I stopped at Trader Joes and bought some Valhrona chocolate. I LOVE this stuff. Dark bittersweet chocolate is my favorite. It is 71% cocoa, the second ingredient is *SUGAR*, sigh. I ate 2 chunks off the bar. Since I did not eat a candy bar like Hershey’s or Kit Kat, nor did I eat a donut, I still consider my self to be on day 8. I mean come on, there is sugar in everything, if you don’t believe me go read the ingredients in your salt can.

This is my 99th post. I am on lesson 3 in the algebra video series. Hubby and the kiddos had great time fishing yesterday with Papa.

Tonight Sa is going to visit her Friend Roo.

Tomorrow is the day we remember those who serve and who paid the ultimate price for serving our country. Thanks People!

There is one road into my neighborhood. It feeds off a main street. Just off that corner is a large church. This weekend the church is having a festival. That means lots of extra cars, people, noise, frustration... Last year the church hired a cop to stand at the end of the street into my neighborhood with a list of people who lived here. It was such a blessing!!! Many people try to park here to walk to the festival. What they don’t realize is that it’s easier to park in festival parking, but you can’t tell people anything. There is a parking problem on my street when there is no festival. Add a festival and you have a zoo. Most houses have a 1 car driveway and at least 2 cars. We have 4 vehicles and a 1 car driveway.

My back is MUCH better today. Still hurts but, I don't feel like crying and I've only taken 3 ibuprofen.

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