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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Between Friday and Saturday

I feel pathetic. It hurts to lift a coffee cup or a .5l bottle of water.
This is my 98th post.

Currently reading Sharon Sala 'Remember me', it is a little heavy in the romance part, but at least they are married and the story line is good. Her book 'Missing' was one of my favorites


Marye said...

hope you feel better Marla..Maybe you could sort of get one of those water things runners use that is a clips on and a straw runs to your mouth so you can drink as you want to without using your hands..I think it holds a couple of gallons...
I am only half kidding. :)

traci said...

Glad the chiro guy was able to take you and get started on the road to healing and recovery. Congratulations on continuing to go without sugar-you are an inspiration to me to get off that soft drink we talked about!! :)