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Friday, May 25, 2007


Friday is finally here. Yea for Friday! The Boy is finished with First grade. He had the sweetest teacher I did tell her how much I appreciated her and The Boy gave her flowers.

After the program my back was hurting REALLY badly. I called the Chiropractor and asked if he was open and since his office is very close to the school I drove there. I had Sa, So and The Boy with me. When we walked in I was so surprised to see my friend there. As I was waiting my turn she was getting finished and she asked if she could take Sa, So and The Boy home with her. Of course the answer was yes! Her house is one of their favorite places to go. I am feeling better now, but have strict instructions to do NOTHING! This (sitting here) is considered doing nothing and I need to do some work on the costumes the kids will wear to the gaming convention this summer.

AAK! I almost forgot to tell this. I was telling my friend that I was twisting my own arm about going back to school. The biggest stumbling block right now is algebra. If I could pass that I know I could pass the rest. She had on her shelf a video course teaching this. Now I have it here. I am so happy. I will watch the videos than go take the class. I have pretty much decided on the nursing program. I can take it at a slow pace, taking all non core classes ahead of time. I can work off some of the tuition at the hospital where I want to take the program. I would be able to take extra classes in energy healing and other fringe stuff and a lot of the classes would over lap with the acupuncture stuff.

This is day 7 with no sugar. Last night Grandma took The Teen out to dinner and she brought me dessert. She put it in my face and kept telling me how much I would like it. I kept saying "no thank you." Finally I said "I'm not eating sugar" so she took it away.

1 comment:

Ms-Ellisa said...

Good job on the sugar thing!!!
I can't hold a diet longer than 2 days. :-)