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Thursday, May 24, 2007

It Feels Like Friday

Day 6 with no sugar. Where’s all that energy I was supposed to have? Oh, yea, it is being sucked up by my sore back. I went back to Chiro Guy today. He said I need to come back 6 more times. I told him to enjoy my vacation.

I am about done with end of the year stuff. Tomorrow is The Boy’s last day of first grade. He has had a great year. His teacher is lovely. I am sure he will want to do something special for her. Sa has a special dinner because she is leaving kids church and moving up to Jr. High. The Teen gets out next week. We have to go to an awards dinner next week for her. Last night she was in the 4th qtr performance and she sang a song by Journey. I’m going to try to post it here.

When I try to upload the video it has a box that says movie, but it does not play. I can't upload it to you tube because someone else owns the rights to the song. Any ideas on how to show off the video are welcome. The file is too big to put on picasa.

I just found this blog by a chriopratic student.

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