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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Chiro Guy

My back hurts. Actually last night it hurt so badly I considered digging through the box of medications and getting out what I have left over from after surgery, the really strong stuff. I ended up managing on just 4 ibuprofens, but it was uncomfortable. I knew if I went to the ER about it they'd just give me muscle relaxes or what I had in the box at home and so I saved my $. I tried to call my friend who has been telling me about the new Chiro Guy she really likes but I could not reach her. I tried again this morning even trying her cell. I could not reach herL. She had told me where the Chiro Guy’s office was but I could not find a listing in the phone book. It did not help that I could not remember his name. Anyway this morning my back was still really hurting. Not quite as bad as last night but BAD. I decided to drive over to where she told me the office was and see if he was open. He was and guess what? My friend was there. He helped me and told me to come back tomorrow. Thanks Chiro Guy. It was nice to meet you.


Ms-Ellisa said...

Sorry but what is a chiroguy?
Hope you feel better by now...

MarlaQuack said...

Hi Ellisa, I sometimes forget people outside of my area read what I write. The Chiro Guy is a Chiropractor . He put electric stimulation on my back than adjusted it with his hands and a little air popper thing. It is hurting pretty badly right now. He said I need to come back probable 6 more times to get this problem fixed and I am to avoid lifting anything, exerting myself or bending backward. Chiro Guy if you are out there you are welcome to give a better description of what you do.