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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Appalachian Festival

Today as we were in the middle of studying Greek History. So said “Hey weren’t we going to go to the Appalachian Festival this weekend?” Um, yea, we were. I called the festival office and asked if it was too late to volunteer. No, it’s never too late. Than Sa asked what exactly is Appalachian? So I got out the map and showed the area and started talking about what we had learned from previous festivals. Sadly it’s been several years since we’ve gone. I was teaching them about tanning a hide and coal mining. Than we got into the music so I turned on Bluegrass music and showed them how to play the spoons and Sa was really interested in the hammer dulcimers, because they are so much like a harp. It was fun. I was not able to get them back to Greek stuff so I guess school is over for today. They are currently dancing to Bluegrass in the living room.

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