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Friday, May 11, 2007

More about Thursday

I made Cornish Hens for dinner. I found this recipe at and changed it a bit. I used half the honey called for and I left out the ginger. I used canola oil instead of sesame oil. It was a HUGE hit.

The boy had to do a report on an animal. His first choice was monkeys, but we could not find a good library book on monkeys. He choose gorillas instead. The report was really cute. "Gorillas are covered in fur. Babies weigh 5 pounds. Adult females weigh 200 pounds and males weigh 400 pounds. They eat bark, leaves, and fruit. They live in Africa. Gorillas love to play tag." He also had to make a diorama in a shoe box.


Marye said...

mmmm...awesome food....great pictures! And exactly WHAT type of honey did you use, Marla? ;)

MarlaQuack said...

"exactly WHAT type of honey did you use?"
The cheap stuff from Costco.