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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my birthday. Another busy day. I want to get the tires changed on the car today. I was going to go out to lunch today but, I’ll have 4 kids here and well, I think I’ll just go next week. The boy is in school today but his Best Buds mom called and asked me to sit on her kid today. The Best Bud is on spring break this week. My boy was on spring break last week. The girls have swim and gym today. Sadly for me this is the last class of the session. The Girls don’t want to sign up again. I will really miss the MOM time with the other MOM”S. I will not miss the craziness of getting there. The Teen is off school today but usually I take her to school(35 miles) than have a half hour to do something with than the class starts afterwards we come home, eat and go get The Teen(35 miles). I got a very sweet gift in the mail last night. Thanks Dad! For those of you who still want to get something for me. I have some ideas for you.

A digital SLR camera

A laptop
A 5-Qt. Dutch Oven
A sauce pan

Since this in not a perfect world and I probably can't have everything I want. I could REALLY use another 3 qt sauce pan. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, not a non stick lining and PLEASE not an aluminum lining.

If those things escape you how about a new wire wisk?

1 comment:

swampwitch said...

Happy Happy Birthday...
For some reason, the pictures didn't load for me.