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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Contact Sports

Easter egg hunting is a contact sport. I mean really! Since I am a mean mom I don’t do Easter baskets or gifts. I never wanted to have to explain about the Easter Bunny meeting Jesus. Usually we get together with my family on Easter but it did not happen this year. Dad took some of the kids to church and that was it. We had a nice quiet day at home, the kids dyed some eggs. Since we did not get together with my family and my kids were rather disappointed. So, I decided to be a nice mom and went out the day after and bought discount eggs and candy. Tuesday dawned beautiful and sunny and everyone was acting nice to each other so I decided it would be fun to have an egg hunt. The Teen and I went out into the side and back yard and dropped or hid eggs. I made sure to look around for those pesky neighborhood kids that I did not want close by for this. Since I was buying the candy at a discount I only bought the kinds I like. When all the eggs were down and the 3 littles had baskets I opened the door and let the carnage begin. I must admit I was shocked at the violent way my kids went after not only the eggs but each other. If 2 of them spotted an egg at the same time they just shoved the other one out of the way. Than 1 of them having just missed the egg took an egg out of the offending sibling’s basket to make up for it. So the offending sibling took an egg out of the offended’s basket and on it went. Finally all the eggs were picked up, (I had counted them ahead of time so I’d know if some were left in the yard) and we headed back into the house. OK really they were not that violent because I have exceptionally nice, patient, kind and gracious kids, but this is really something that should only happen once a year or 2 or 3. After choosing a space they opened their loot and agreed on how much hommage, tax they would pay to me. Than they sorted out their candy and started playing with it. The dang camera is still not working but they built the cutest cities with a Hershey’s kiss on top of a Reese’s cup that was an adult and a plain Hershey kiss was the kid the Kit Kat bars were the castle gates the snicker bars were the castle walls and I don’t remember what the peasants were. The town hall was the plastic egg stack in the middle. The game went on for a long time and was very fun to watch.

1 comment:

Zephra said...

How clever! We had to limit the kids to 12 eggs each. When you find your 12 you are done. It got way to violent.