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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Woodcarver and the Stickers

A long time ago I heard this story and it really moved me. It has stayed with me for years. I don't remember if I read it or heard it. These last few weeks God has really been doing some amazing stuff in my life. I'm so thankful for this sense of peace I've been feeling. As I've dwelt on what God has been doing I remembered this story about the woodcarver and the wooden people with stickers. One of them of them told another one that because she visited the woodcarver every day the stickers would not stick to her. She encouraged the other to go and visit the woodcarver.

Well, I've been spending more time with the woodcarver and stickers are falling off me. So I decided to try to look up the story. I was surprised to find it was written by Max Lucado. The story is about a group of wooden people called the Wemmick's and you can read it here. This is truly an amazing story! Now there is a whole series of books about this group, but I'm going to look for the book Tell Me The Secrets. It sounds like something I'd like to read with the kids.


SeaSpray said...'ve been tagged and invited to play. :)

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