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Friday, April 4, 2008

What To Blog About?

Yesterday, I was at the library waiting until my littles were out of school(the library shares a parking lot with the school). I was just browsing around and I saw a book (a book with about 100 pages) about blogging. Yes, this was a book about what to blog about. Yes, this book was ideas to put on your blog. Like nothing happens here, so I need ideas? Usually, I'm just too lazy to make another post, but ideas are limitless. For instance, this morning, I woke up late, so the kids got up late. If you don't think that makes for good blog fodder, then you don't live in a house with lots of kids. Of course, since I had also gone to bed early last night, I did not make sure that every one's homework was done. So, my dear sweet boy had not read his 2 books that he had to take tests on today. Sigh, I was getting breakfast ready when he said 'Um, mom I need another book because I've already read this one,' So I meander over to the computer to look up online to see what other book I can hand him, and I see that another child has not packed up her backpack and, in fact, all her homework is spread out around the computer. Sigh! OK, I call that child to come pick up her stuff and call the boy to stir the scrambled eggs (a job he has not done recently). When I get back to the eggs, I find that he has stirred only the top layer, not the now-solidified layer on the bottom of the pan. I fix the eggs, and he starts reading, but I can't pay attention to him, because no one can find the lunch bags. It so happens that I forgot to buy lunch bags-of course no one put them on the grocery list and yesterday I went to two stores, but never mind, 'here use this bag. No, you can't wear that shirt to school. Yes, I'm sure we have more sandwiches made in the freezer go look in the downstairs freezer. I know we are out of bread on the counter, here is some from the freezer...' In comes the neighbor to ride to school with us, she sits next to the boy and he reads to her. I enjoy hearing them giggle together when they get to the funny parts of the book. The Teen in a cute pirate bandanna starts talking about how good her hair looks today. 'Um, sweetie, I can't see your hair,' The battle of the bands is next week and she is exited about it. Uh oh, now she's running late and I still want that case of water from my trunk that she did not have time to carry in yesterday. Look out, it's my day to drive the kids to school, how did I miss that? I run to the bedroom to put on some shoes and a jacket that will cover my hair, and out the door we go.

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