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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Very Happy Christmas


Than the Dad gift.

After that the Mom gift.

Next the new PJ's

After that the singing of Christmas carols. It really got funny when Deck the walls was ending and someone said "faster". This year I got wiser and made some song books.

Here's how to make a Teen very happy:

The Boy got air hogs helicopters. Very

Sa the wordie person who loves to impress people with her big words got a vocabulary building kit.

Gosh and much more... We are very blessed. Not all the gifts were opened. People got busy playing with new stuff and it got late. Maybe tomorrow. Than there is that gift for the 4 pirates. I wonder when they will show up?


Anonymous said...

Blessed indeed! Hope Jim liked his big box :) and whatever was in it!

MarlaQuack said...

Thanks! Dh was very happy with his box of cordless power tools.

emergencyem said...

Glad to see yall had a good time!

I have the same scandrive as the teen, it went thru the washer and dryer in my work pants and still works great!