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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Award Winning Dumbness

On Black Friday I went shopping. I went to JoAnn’s and to Kohl’s. Happily for me I had just gotten a job so I had a little money to spend. After my purchases at Kohl’s I received some Kohl’s Cash. It was a card that gave me 1 week to use up some extra cash. I put off using it until Friday because I knew they would be having another sale. I had bought some pants at the first sale. Since I’ve been loosing weight I needed some pants that fit. Because of the craziness at the store I did not try on the pants the day I got them. When I did they were too big. So, last Friday when I went to use my Kohl’s cash I was going to exchange the pants. OK, here it the part where I bang my head on the table. I took the pants into the store to exchange them and before I had gotten the new pants to the register I lost the ones I was going to exchange. Yes, I set them down somewhere in the store and could not find them. I did not realize that I had done that until I got to the register to exchange them. I had the new pants but the old ones were gone. I almost cried! I called the manager over and explained the problem. She rescued me and believed me. She will be receiving a thanks and DH suggests some soap too.

1 comment:

T3h Teen said...

I'm the one that got woken up at the 'Ungodly' hours of the morning to go stand in line at Jo'Anns... (You dont see me complaining... yet) She didn't even feed me -pouts-
All I had was a bananna and a snickers, Thats SO not enough to keep a teen going in the morning! C'mon now.
Oh well, atleast I got to see my best friend at the mall :-)