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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Night

Sophie had a birthday party today. It was very fun for all. One of the girls said "this is the most fun party craft EVER!" I was pretty impressed that she thought so. What was the craft? They made their own pizza's. Yes I took pictures, but they are still in the camera and the camera is across the room. You can however view these pictures. The tree out my kitchen window has been beautiful. Yes that is also the one directly out my side door (that we use all the time)and the one that I am HIGHLY allergic too.

Last week my Aunt came to visit for a short time. It was so sweet to see her again. Since she lives 1,000 miles away I only get to see her when she comes here.

Last weekend I went to a Birthday Party and these are the soap gift that I gave. I was really happy with how they came out. Especially considering the goofy way the printer was acting.

Last Thursday The Boy had to hand in his report on the honey bees. He got a 99%. I was so happy with how hard he worked on it. The only thing he lost a point on was he did not write "honey bee" on the card board.


Marye said...

cool bee!
cool soap!
Pizza sounds great!
and geez, that marye chick has alot of blogs.....

MarlaQuack said...

I LOVE that Marye chick!