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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Laundry Soap

Well, as you can see I'm still working on the blog. I figured out how to get my links (widgets) into html. That way when when I want to change the blog around next time there will be no chance I'll loose everything. I've not had a chance to get them all done yet and I don't remember everything that I had a link too anyway.

My next project is Laundry soap. I found this recipe that sounds too easy. First you make soap with lard and zero% superfat. Than you shred it and mix equal parts soap, borax and washing soda. I can do this. I have everything and the cost per load is like 1 cent.


Julie said...

Making laundry soap is one I haven't yet tried. Have you read anything regarding liquid versus powder? I would rather do a powder as long as it's equally effective.

MarlaQuack said...

This recipe is supposed to be at lest as effective as commercial detergents. They do have a recipe for liquid detergent that liquid but the consistency is like snot. I think I'll try the powered first. They also suggested using 1 oz orange essential oil per pound of grated soap. You can buy tide fragrance from somewhere I forgot where at this moment. Sa Suggested I use some Tide that I have and sent the new laundry soap.