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Friday, August 3, 2007

Sugar, Salt, and other nice Things

It's been 3 months with no sugar. It's been about 2 weeks on low sodium. It is amazing the levels of sodium in stuff, lunch meat = 250mg per slice, canned chili = 500 mg per 1/2 cup, thats all I can remember at this minute. The sodium thing is harder than the sugar. I found some fruit juice sweetened dried fruit at the health food store so I was able to make some granola. Tonight I made a big pot of chili. It really tastes different with out the salt. I also left out the beans because all the brands had too much sodium in them. The American Heart Association recommends 2,500 mg of sodium per day. I usually use 4 slices of lunch meat on a sandwich. When I started on low sodium my size 10 jeans were TIGHT, now my size 8 jeans are loose.


MonkeyGirl said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so proud of you! I would totally be jealous, but my lack of willpower is my own fault.... ;-)

MarlaQuack said...

Thanks MG!
Willpower is relative...
I'm sure you can do stuff that I can't dream about.

Anonymous said...

Marla - look for low-sodium canned foods and then you can rinse a lot of the beans, vegies, etc. which will lower the salt content. I have found it also does not hurt a lot of baking (cookies, cakes, etc) when one leaves out the salt. I have been doing it for 20+ years.

Still amazed at your ability to give up the sugar......I found salt much easier to give up! Traci