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Sunday, August 5, 2007


The first thing we did was a challenge. They had 3 to pick from, Sa picked the slow marble fall. The idea was to build a thing at least 3 feet tall that would take the marble the longest amount of time to fall to the ground. She came in second place. So's marble did not not fall slow enough to place on the board. So also participated in the challenge to build a spinner that would spin the longest amount of time. She placed second in that competition.

The silly boys had a great time! The cartoon network exhibit was a little disappointing because of the rude kids and even ruder parents.

We went to a chemistry show and Sa was chosen as the helper. First she was asked to hammer a nail with a banana. Than they did a dance to show how molecules moved around when they were hot verses cold. After that they froze the banana in liquid nitrogen and she again hammered the nail. In the end she made a banana split.

So liked being a news broadcaster.

They all had a really good time.

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Marye said...

that looks fun.