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Monday, July 16, 2007

My Back

A year ago when I started home schooling again I quit going to Pilates. I loved Pilates and was getting pretty good at it, but I just could not fit it in with the class times offered at the YMCA. I still do it to some extent in a limited way. I have not lost my range of motion but I don't do everything that we did in the classes. After 3 years of PT I'm not willing to regress on my range of motion. It was the PT who initially sent me to the Pilates class. This is the cool part. The class always started with you standing up and stretching up than reaching for your toes. The teachers always said slowly bend forward feeling each of your vertebras separate. For 2 years I went to Pilates regularly and this just baffled me. I was never able to do it. There was always a section in my back that just did not separate. No matter how much I pulled and tugged it just never moved freely. Once I asked the Chiro guy about it and he gave me the royal blow off. Clearly he had no clue what Pilates was nor how it was used. I found that quite funny since he was so into exercise. Whatever! Anyway I just kept up with it and did not worry about the stiff parts.

A few weeks ago I really hurt my back and began seeing a new Chiro guy. I really like this Chiro guy and as soon as he gets his website up I will link to him. Anyway I never said anything to him about this. He fixed me up and we went from there. I am now on the 3 week plan, so I see him again next week. I will tell him about this when I see him. After the last time I saw him 2 weeks ago I was doing this stretch and I noticed a totally amazing thing. Each of my vertebras moved separately. This has never happened before. I’m kind of pumped about this.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have found the Pilates to be a wonderful encouragement for my abs and back....and it took me awhile to get the whole "feel each vertebrae in your spine" thing also!!

And if you find anoter chiro guy who isn't nowlegable bout pilates it is a sad statement on the business since so many of them recommend pilates just to help build strength in their backs!

By the your post about Blueberry pickin'-could you share where? I think it looks like Rouster's Apple House in MIldford, but one blueberry bush looks like another-ys know what I mean? :)