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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What a Wednesday

Oh, wait its only Tuesday. Wednesday will be busier. First I put dinner in the crock pot and started bread. Than took So and the Boy to the VBS. Next I went to my mom’s, but she was not there. I came home and got Sa and the Teen up and moving than went back to my mom’s. The Teen Picked up the littles from VBS while I helped mom sort out stuff from a relative who is downsizing. I got some really fun stuff. I stopped home for a few minutes baked the bread that the teen had put into loaves and went to pick up Sa from AHG (she has been given a ride by a friend). Rushed back home sorted out dinner took it to two other families and ran So to a ‘try out a class’ for gymnastics. Traffic was AWFUL! Came home ate dinner and took a nap.


Marye said...

You know Marla...You are one busy woman..I could not do all of that!

MarlaQuack said...

Ya know Marye... The only thing I could have cut out of that day was taking So to gymnastics. Granted that would have given me several hours and I so wished I'd had time to stop for some Java on the way, but that was important to So. I could have not taken meals and really the families would have been OK, but I've BTDT and knew how helpful it was to them. What do you drop. We've talked about doing things that were important to the kids before. I would put money on it Marye (if I had any left) that you would have done the same. Hmm, I rememberer reading about you doing the same... Doing the same while running a restaurant... I was thinking "man, I don't know how she does it"

Marye you are one of my favorite people in the world.