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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day 19

I've not eaten sugar in 19 days. Actually it’s getting harder not easier. Not because I am craving sweet so much as because I am sorta of forgetting. Than I catch myself and say “oh, yea, no sugar for me”. Its situations like when I’ll be out and think a Pepsi Icee sounds good because I’m hot, or maybe I’ll drive through someplace with the kiddos, but no wait everything has sugar in it. I made 6 loaves of bread with no sugar and 3 came out PERFECT! The other 3 I left out the eggs and it really made a difference. I wondered why it took so much extra water to get the dough to come together, oops. Have I felt any changes? My sinuses are really much more opened, I’m still using nasonex but that is more for the allergy headache. I am not as hungry as I have been, I’m eating less. My back is still hurting and my energy level is still low. I am getting back to doing some Pilates stuff though. My kids are asking questions like “when are you going to get off this no sugar kick?” They have not grasped the never concept.

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