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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shakespeare and

The Shakespeare insult kit can be found here. It can be used to insult whomever you want to in very good taste. I was reminded of it while at the renaissance fest today. And why are you not seeing pictures of this fest??? Because someone left the chip out of my camera. I got about 15 pix on the internal memory of the camera but, I don't know how to down load them. I have a cord but I've never even installed the software for the camera on the computer. I use the card and a separate disk holder thing. It was a really, really small fest combined with a getta fest. Getta is pork and oats combined in a loaf type thing. I've never eaten it. It reminds me of spam. captain Jack Sparrow was there. Sa and The Teen really liked talking to him. We got to watch belly dancing and sword fighting. I had a very informative chat with a stunt coordinator who gave me great tips on costume making.


Marye said...

Spam, huh? Now I am thinking of Monty Python..
"I'll have the spam!"
"certainly, sir, would that be spam, spam spam and spam, spam and eggs and spam or spam spam, eggs and spam?"
"Do you have Spam?"
"No, but we do have Spam, spam and spam"

MarlaQuack said...

Hmmm, Which Monty Python would that be from. It's been so long since I've seen any.

Marye said...

I think it was from Spam...or maybe it was from spam, spam and spam...or it even might havebeen from spam spam spam spam and ...spam.
How would I know Marla? Don't you know that I am equipped with a spam blocker??

MarlaQuack said...

You win this round Marye, but beware I'll be over throwing some spam at your blog soon. SNIKER