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Monday, June 18, 2007


Today I am cleaning out corners of my basement that I have not seen in a long time. I want more stuff to sell. I was told the more stuff you have in your booth at a flea market the more people come to look at what you have. Anyone want some junk? Some stuff I think I will sell on ebay. The matchbox cars and some Tupperware. I have oodles of books and well, stuff.

Sa, So and The Boy are on a quest. They call it getta quest. The boy has a backpack filled with weapons. the girls have some interesting stuff hanging off them. It is amazing how creative they get when I make the TV stay off.

They will be going to VBS again tonight.

Today I learned what a linear equation is and saw for the first time how one might accually use algebra in every day life.

So has flute lessons this afternoon.


Kim said...

Hey, some of that Tupperware is probably considered "classic"! : )

MarlaQuack said...

Um, nope I'm talking my Tupperware not my moms.