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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Life Happens

So what’s been up in my world? Tomorrow I see the Shrink at 7:45am. I am hoping to get my head shrunk. He very kindly gave me a prescription for 3 months of medication last time which I promptly lost. If I had been taking it as directed I'd have been back last month.

WHATEVER! (said with big sigh) Geez Marla, hurry up and catch your eyeballs before they get too far away.

I am struggling through algebra. I will learn this! I am still trying to figure out calculator functions. I told Sa and The Teen we will continue with it tomorrow. Be READY. Sa gets it. The Teen, well, I love her. Sa explains it to us. I’m still not exactly sure what a linier function is. I mean linier means line right, sigh, whatever.

The boy is going to a swimming party today. The Teen is at the thrift store looking for stuff to wear for cosplay. I am going to the Panegyri Greek Festival with my friend. We went last year and had a blast. The Greek cooking class was great!

The peach dress needs some repair. I still have not finished the other one. The Boy asked for 4 different costumes. We shall see I make no promises.

The bread is in the oven and it smells really good.

SIGH! It's 3:00 and my friend just called and canceled. Now do I go alone or try to find a replacement or stay home?

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